South Pacific Seeds: The Evolution Of A Project.

The Brief – Signage Brisbane. The client wanted to modernise the signage on their fascia using fresh colours to complement their recently installed window decals.  Rather than just have a painted logo on the sign, we suggested a making the logo three dimensional.

Signage Brisbane
The Original Signage
  1. The Execution. For the first stage, we painted the fascia surface with Dulux light grey and after 3 days drying time we were able to put up black and gold aluminium composite panels.  For the main lettering, we used router cut letters and for the logo we used vinyl lettering and used spacers to bring it out further from the wall. The whole sign is completely scrawless. For adhesives we used 3M VHP double sided tape and Rite Tack liquid nails together. There was 2 days preparation and painting and it took a further day to apply the lettering.
  2. Awning Signs. Enhancing Businesses with Style and Functionality Awning signs are a versatile and eye-catching addition to the exterior of businesses and commercial establishments. These iconic architectural elements serve a dual purpose, combining style with practicality to create a lasting impression on passersby while also offering protection from the elements.
  3. Eye-catching Design. One of the most striking features of awning signs is their ability to captivate attention. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, allowing businesses to tailor their awnings to match their brand identity and the overall aesthetic of their premises. From bold and modern designs to more traditional and elegant options, awning signs can be customised to suit the unique character of each business. Vivid colours, sharp typography, and creative logos can be prominently displayed on the awning, ensuring that the business stands out in the crowded marketplace.
  4. Practical Protection. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, awning signs are highly functional. They provide valuable protection from harsh weather conditions such as rain and sun, offering shelter to customers waiting outside or adding shade to outdoor seating areas. This makes them a valuable asset for cafes, restaurants, and retail stores looking to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for their patrons.
  5. Enhanced Visibility. Awning signs also play a pivotal role in increasing a business’s visibility. Their strategic placement above entrances or windows ensures that the business name and branding are easily visible to pedestrians and passing vehicles. This increased visibility can help attract potential customers and establish a strong presence in the community.
  6. Versatility in Material and Structure. Awning signs are constructed using a variety of materials, including canvas, metal, acrylic, and vinyl, allowing businesses to choose the option that best suits their needs and budget. Additionally, they can be retractable or fixed, giving businesses the flexibility to adapt to changing weather conditions or simply to change the look of their storefront when desired.
  7. A Lasting Impression. In summary, awning signs are a dynamic and functional addition to any business facade. They combine eye-catching design with practicality, offering protection, visibility, and style in one versatile package. Whether you’re looking to enhance the aesthetics of your storefront, increase brand visibility, or provide shelter to your customers, awning signs are a tried-and-true solution that leaves a lasting impression on both customers and passersby.
The Completed Project

If your business signage is looking a little tired and dated and in need of a fresh look, contact the team at Brisprint today!!

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